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We welcome you to this website. We hope that by now, you have already learned about Sylvester, the only Disco Queen, and about the musical, Mighty Real, A Fabulous Sylvester. We are very thankful for your continuous support and patronage from the very start. We hope that that will not stop until the very end and until our next endeavors. The musical Mighty Real, A Fabulous Sylvester, is indeed, one very real journey of Sylvester. We hope that we did justice to the fabulous and fierce life of the Disco Queen himself, as we give it our all for this theater show.

Do you have any questions about the website? How about Sylvester himself or the musical? Whatever it is, you can send it back to us. All you need to do is send us an email at We promise to send you a prompt response no matter what your concerns are.