Fabulous Sylvester Testimonials

We thank you for visiting our website. In order to help you better understand about Sylvester and the musical, we have collected here all the most common questions being asked from us on a regular basis. In that way, you will be better informed. We know that some of the questions you have are the same as those guests who frequent the site. As such, to save time and effort, we have collected them already just for you. But just in case the questions that are posted here are not enough, you are free to send your questions too and any follow-up inquiries you deemed important. You can email us via our contact details you can find at the Contact Us page.

Q. Where can we check the schedule of the screening or the shows?

A. You can check the schedules here at our online bulletin. We constantly update them based on the changes on the schedule. If you want the updates to get delivered straight to your emails, then we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.

Q. Do we need to pay for anything when we sign up for the newsletter?

A. Payment is not necessary. Signing up for our newsletter is for FREE. We will not even ask you of any credit card details. Just your email address will suffice for the notifications to be sent to you instantly when we have already uploaded them.

Q. Do you sell tickets here on the website?

A. Ticket sales are not available here. However, we are going to give you the links of those official channels that sell tickets for your convenience.

Q. Do you sell merchandise?

A. Theatre Merchandise isalso not sold here. But we are going to direct you to the companies who sell them.