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I like this musical about Sylvester. It made me want to know more about him especially since he was portrayed really beautifully and colorfully. I never had any fascination about old stars because I really thought that they are very boring. I do not have any interest in listening to them. But starting when this musical was shown, I was instantly in love. It made me wonder… Would I have a fiercer reaction when I had the opportunity to live back then at the peak of his career? Reading about him through various blog sites and various news articles, I also learned that he was really amazing. It made me fall in love more. He did not have glamorous years growing up, but that doesn’t matter. He managed to conquer it all and stand up and be as colorful as possible. Not many can do that. That is why he was really amazing. If you would just take time to learn about him, you’d figure out how he was a hero in so many ways. I hope this generation will have more people like him.


I did not know what to expect when I heard about the musical taking place. I didn’t even know who Sylvester. I was only dragged to the scene by my mother. I never thought that she would be a fan. My mom has the shy type persona so her idolizing someone like Sylvester is very not her. I was not saying that it was a bad thing. I was just surprised, that is all. Anyways, when I finally watched the musical, I understood now where she was coming from. The musical is really amazing and the portrayal was really good. If he was really that man they portrayed in the musical, then it is no wonder that many people are so in love with him. Very nice.